Brothers Michele and Gerardo Contrada

Wine for pleasure for passion

The beginnings

We have been cultivating vines since the early 1900s and after two generations, in 2003, we founded the Contrada company and this is precisely the year in which our first bottles are produced. We are brothers, workmates, partners and accomplices: Michele is the most peasant soul, profound connoisseur of the land and its rhythms and deals exclusively with the vineyards, while Gerardo is interested in commercial and marketing with curiosity, and is always ready to experiment and innovate.

The Contrada family

The heart of the company is certainly represented by us brothers but with the collaboration of Rita, who helps in the cellar, and with the precious advice of the oenologist Carmine Valentino we produce wines of excellent quality and genuineness. There is also Mattia, son and grandson enrolled in agricultural sciences, who participates energetically in the activities and lays the foundations for the future.

Merits and virtues

Tradition and innovation that come together. We love our land and are hard workers. Our wine is a real experience of taste, joy, values and, why not, even experimentation: seeing is believing!


Past and present

However small it may be in the company, our roles are very clear and there is no overlap: we grow together and improve together.
For love and passion, our project is deeply linked to respect for the land and the traditions it brings with it. We look carefully to the future and believe in experimentation: we are always ready for changes and modernization to improve and improve what surrounds us. In fact, our vineyards are completely renovated and a weather station has been installed that helps and coordinates the work of the fields and their cultivation in an eco-sustainable way.

In the company we have our roles very clear and there is no overlap: we grow together and improve together.

Tradition and innovation