"Life is a succession of events and our work is our life"


Ammarì was born after a long and refined evaluation in wanting to produce a product different from the usual spirits.
We have combined our skills and peculiarities while remaining tied to our tradition and our territory (Fiano area).

Starting from our base wine, Fiano, and using the ancient and secret recipe of mamma Maria, our product has taken shape.


Amaro di Fiano

Ammarì has a delicate, sweet taste with elegant notes, it is the first amaro born from Fiano and it is the most loved product of our company.
It is dedicated to our mother, who was called Maria, and it is also what binds the past and the future, the family and the company, the roots and the change that animate all Contrada wines.

Always with new ideas

It is precisely the Ammarì, our most successful experiment by far, which unites the
our skills and peculiarities: Michele knows the land perfectly while
Gerardo has his own idea in interpreting his territory and his vineyards. The
our ideas, lively and different, blend together and manage to unite the memory of
past and news for the future.