Packages and grape harvest festival

Good wine matures in the cellar

The cellar

Our cellar is a place to welcome everyone to taste our products. We not only want to share the wine we produce, but also our passion and our work, which is a pure expression of the territory and its authenticity.

Good wine

Wine is not a simple world: it is a world of ancient values, it is a wealth that develops slowly, it is knowing how to wait, it is a virtue and a heritage to be preserved.

“All this and much more is what drives our family to interpret and bear witness to this gift to pass it on in turn.”

Share our passion

Like a knot that holds together traditions, stories, passions and desires, Contrada wines are waiting for you to enjoy together the efforts and joys of our beloved profession.

Tour packages

Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting
Minimum 2 people
Duration of the route 90 min.

1) Visit to the vineyard and cellar, demonstration of the working process and finally tasting of typical products: cutting board with Carmasciano cheese and Irpinia salami paired with two wines of your choice.
15.00 euros per person

2) Same itinerary with tasting of the three docg wines, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di tufo and Taurasi, paired with the Irpinia platter.
20.00 euros per person

3) Starting from the basic tour in the vineyard and in the winery , you can taste our bubbly classic method along with the traditional Irpinian chopping board.
25.00 euros per person.

Harvest festival

Harvest festival

The grape harvest festival is an event that refers to the traditional "festival" that was once held during the grape harvest. Here it coincides with the opening of the harvest season which usually takes place on the last Sunday of September.

Typical program:
Meeting at the company at 10.00
Peasant breakfast based on panettone with wine, milk for the little ones and coffee for the older ones.
Then we set out for the vineyard, in the company of the well-known donkey Rusinella, accompanied by the sound of the Montemaranese tarantella.
Arrival in the vineyard, assignment of the rows and start of the harvest which lasts just over an hour.
The harvested grapes are brought to the cellar, also thanks to the help of Rusinella.

Back in the cellar, the grapes are placed in wooden vats and to the rhythm of music, both adults and children, carry out the pressing of a vault, the one with their feet. The pressed grapes are then passed into an old press which is operated, and everyone can watch the drainage of the must.
Once the pressing is finished, we proceed with the lunch prepared by our housewives, based on typical Candidian dishes: fusilli seasoned with meat sauce, turnips and potatoes, cotechini with sauce, pork rind roll, mountain pizza, embers, homemade desserts and various whims.
This festival takes us back over the years and allows participants to experience the emotion of the harvest of the past, when parents, children, cousins, uncles and neighbors all gathered together to harvest and the harvested grapes were then transported to the place. in which the "tub" was placed where the younger ones proceeded to the pressing.
At the end of the day, lunch was a real ritual, a convivial moment in which homemade dishes were prepared with seasonal ingredients to share together the satisfaction of another day of harvest.